Level monitoring with hydrostatic rod sensors

BD|SENSORS - Hydrostatic Level Sensors

There are different methods for measuring and monitoring levels of liquids.

Hydrostatic fill level measurement is superior to all other measurement methods in terms of

  • Reliability and long-term stability
  • Simple assembly technology and commissioning
  • Efficiency

providing the following conditions are met:

  1. The density of the liquid is known
  2. The container, even if closed, is depressurized.

To build probes that are precise and offer long-term stability for small fill levels (< 1m), and also for almost any type of liquid whether that is corrosive, chemically aggressive, toxic or viscous, it is essential that the manufacturer has the right sensor technology.

This is where BD|SENSORS sets standards!

Depending on the application or customer requirements, three sensor technologies are being used at BD|SENSORS:

  • Stainless steel sensors WITH A STAINLESS STEEL MEMBRANE
  • Stainless steel sensors WITH A VITON MEMBRANE
  • Capacitive ceramic sensors made from ALUMINIUM OXIDE Al2O3 99.9%

This makes BD|SENSORS one of very few providers – if not the only provider – of hydrostatic rod sensors with measurement ranges of 250 to 1.500 mm. The customer-specific solution “LT 802 | designed for monitoring fill levels of AdBlue containers” underlines the company’s experience in hydrostatic fill level measurement of low heights and a wide variety of liquid media.

When resolving complex and challenging tasks, it’s important to use not only the right sensor technology, but also the right tools for the housing, rod probes and sealing components. It is precisely here that BD|SENSORS has demonstrated its flexibility and solution-finding capabilities at the highest level in a very special way.

Take for example the LT 802 and LT 807’s which are easy to install and provide continuous level measurement. The LT 802 is an easy-to-use mounting rod probe, specially designed for small filling levels, while the LT 807 is an easy-to-install rod probe, which can be flexibly adapted to different installation situations and container sizes. These sensors are particularly suitable for fuel tanks in emergency generator sets.

LS 807
LT 802
Datasheet hydrostatic rod

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