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We H&H Level offer you a wide range of products that are cutting edge and used to solve even the biggest signal conditioning challenges. PR electronics (Vierpool) is a trusted partner for the process and factory automation industry.

Committed to helping you achieve greater success, we provide you with:

  • The highest signal integrity from your measurement point to control system.
  • Maximum uptime based on our Install and Forget philosophy.
  • Easy and cost-effective deployment and monitoring with intuitive communication interfaces.
  • Site standard devices, those are easily programmable, to suit your specific application.
  • Day-to-day delivery.


We offer multifunctional transmitters in a wide range of versatile devices for isolation, conversion, scaling, amplification, alarming, control and more. Having one variant that applies to a broad range of applications can reduce your installation time and training and greatly simplify spare-parts management at your facilities. The devices are designed for long-term signal accuracy, low power consumption, immunity to electrical noise and simple programming. “Less is more”

Company overview

Multifunctional Solutions

Through our detachable, intuitive, intelligent operator interfaces, our devices can be accessed and managed in seconds; making configuration, simulation and troubleshooting easy and simple. The range of displays is characterized by its flexibility and stability. The devices meet nearly every demand for display readout of process signals, and have universal input and supply capabilities. They provide a real-time measurement of your process value no matter the industry, and are engineered to provide a user-friendly, reliable relay of information, even in demanding environments.

Designed for Flexibility

Our displays are universal in nature, accepting virtually any process input signal, and capable of being powered by nearly any source. This makes them perfect for hundreds of applications, and our scrolling help text makes configuration very fast and easy. Our high level of galvanic isolation eliminates ground loops, and our high immunity to electromagnetic noise gives you the freedom to install the display virtually anywhere in the panel. Multipoint linearization, multiple relay functions, and analog retransmission are available as options.


In addition to SIL to IEC 61511 and SIL2 approvals, you can sail easy with IECEx and ATEX for gas and dust atmospheres, CSA, FM, GOST and UL approved products with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and/or Germanischer Lloyd (GL) standards for marine-based extraction.


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