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Level Sensor

Designed to provide reliable and accurate measurement of liquid levels in tanks, vessels and pipelines. They are available in a range of materials and configurations to suit specific application requirements.
CE CertifiedROHC CompliantIAF Recognition ArrangementInMetro CertifiedUL Standard CertifiedIECEx CertifiedDNV Standard CertifiedU CertifiedEAC CertifiedJumo Rail EN 50155 CertifiedHART CertifiedSafety Integrity Level Certified

Product specifications

  • Approvals for shipbuilding, explosion protection and EAC are available
  • High resolutions from 5.0 to 17,6 mm available
  • Output in resistance (RI), 4-20mA and Hart
  • Protection electrical protection: IP65…IP68
  • Large operating temperature range for media of -52 to +180 °C
  • Large pressure range of -1 to +37 bar
  • Extra Temperature sensor / temperature switch are available
  • Error current according to NAMUR 43
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Approval explosion protection Atex ia available
  • Output in resistance (RI), 4-20mA, 0-10V and Hart protocol
  • Material: PVC, PP, PVDF and 316SS
  • Special Natural Gas applications


Process Connections:

  • G 1/2 thread upward
  • Pg9
  • 1” NPT
  • 1 ½” NPT
  • 2” NPT
  • M14 x 1.5 thread upward
  • G 3/8 thread upward
  • G 2”
  • G 1 ½”
  • G 1”
  • Flanges: ANSI, DIN.


Electrical Connections:

  • Terminal box
  • Cable outlet. ( PVC, PUR, Silicon )
  • Cable outlet with M12 connector (AMP Superseal connector)


Brands we offer

We provide top quality products and services for level measurement in the most extreme environments. High quality level controls, switches, gauges and more. For a fault-free production process from only the top rated brands in the industry.


Jumo nesos R20 LT

Questions about our Level Sensors?

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