An oil drilling platform in the middle of the ocean


The offshore industry relies heavily on accurate and reliable liquid level measurement to ensure the safe and efficient operation of offshore platforms and vessels. Precise measurement of liquid levels is crucial in preventing both overfilling and under filling of storage tanks, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. Read more
A ship entering a port

Shipbuilding / Maintenance

The shipbuilding and maintenance industry utilizes sophisticated liquid level measurement technologies, including radar, ultrasonic, and capacitance sensors, to deliver highly accurate and reliable measurement solutions. These advanced technologies are instrumental in ensuring optimal performance and safety of vessels and their onboard systems.

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Someone refueling his car with petrol

Petrol / Chemie

Accurate liquid level measurement is critical in the petrol and chemical industry to maintain inventory control, comply with safety and environmental regulations, and prevent overfilling or under filling of storage tanks. Accurate measurement of liquid levels, such as gasoline, diesel, and chemicals, is essential for preventing spills, leaks, and other hazardous situations that can lead to equipment damage, environmental contamination, and safety risks for personnel.

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A picture of all waters in the Netherlands photographed from the air

Groundwater Level Measurements

Liquid level measurement technologies, such as pressure transducers, conductivity sensors, and float switches, are used to measure the depth of the groundwater level accurately. These instruments are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide long-term stability and reliability.

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An emergency generator set used for backup power

Emergency Generatorsets

Liquid Level Measurement is essential to ensure that generators operate reliably during power outages or other emergency situations. Fuel level measurements is critical to ensure that generators have sufficient fuel to operate continuously.

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A chemist working with some food samples

Beverage / Pharmacy

Liquid Level measurement is used to monitor levels of ingredients and finished products as well as measuring accurate dosing of medications and monitoring production processes

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High voltage pylons

Machinery & Plant construction

H&H Level offers float-based level measurement solutions for machinery and plant manufacturing, factories, banks, hospitals, and high-tech companies like ASML. We specialize in obtaining and providing signals in various formats, supplying field instrumentation for automatic control.

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