Bliss Europe

  • Transparent Glass Gauges (Several sections possible)
  • Reflex Glass Gauges (Several sections possible)
  • Tubular Glass Gauges
  • Weld Pad Glass Gauges (With Flat Back and Radiused Back)
  • L-series: For accurate liquid level, highly effective, heavy tubing and rustproofed. (40°-316°C), (0-165 bar)
  • M-series: Width variety of materials to meet specific corrosive or extreme temperature. (40°-316°C), (0-206 bar)
  • H-series: Heavy Duty Gauges according highest industrial standards. (40°-316°C), (0-276 bar)
  • Tubular: Glass lengths up to 600 mm. (0°-170°C), (0-7 bar)
  • Chamber material standard is CS-steel and SS316
  • T. Borosilicate glass
  • Special solutions according the customer wishes.
  • Width range of valve options including Check Ball valves (Tot 400°C), (0-276 bar)
  • Options like: Illuminator, Scales, Frost shields, Heating Jackets, PTFE Lined etc.

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