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Glass gauges

Provides clear and accurate visual indication of liquid levels in tanks and vessels. They are highly durable and offer excellent resistance to corrosion and other harsh environmental conditions.
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Product specifications

  • Transparent Glass Gauges (Several sections possible)
  • Reflex Glass Gauges (Several sections possible)
  • Tubular Glass Gauges
  • Weld Pad Glass Gauges (With Flat Back and Radiused Back)
  • L-series: For accurate liquid level, highly effective, heavy tubing and rustproofed. (40°-316°C), (0-165 bar)
  • M-series: Width variety of materials to meet specific corrosive or extreme temperature. (40°-316°C), (0-206 bar)
  • H-series: Heavy Duty Gauges according highest industrial standards. (40°-316°C), (0-276 bar)
  • Tubular: Glass lengths up to 600 mm. (0°-170°C), (0-7 bar)
  • Chamber material standard is CS-steel and SS316
  • T. Borosilicate glass
  • Special solutions according the customer wishes.
  • Width range of valve options including Check Ball valves (Tot 400°C), (0-276 bar)
  • Options like: Illuminator, Scales, Frost shields, Heating Jackets, PTFE Lined etc.

Brands we offer

We provide top quality products and services for level measurement in the most extreme environments. High quality level controls, switches, gauges and more. For a fault-free production process from only the top rated brands in the industry.


Liquid level gauge

Questions about our Glass Gauges?

Get easy-to-read liquid level monitoring with our glass gauges. Even available with backlight! Our team can help you choose the right gauge for your needs and provide guidance on installation and maintenance. Contact us today to improve your liquid level monitoring.