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H&H Level has entered a partnership with Bliss Europe.


Bliss Europe is a manufacturer of Magnetic Level Gauges, and Process Chambers We supply the O&G, Petrochemical, Process & Power industries and Shipbuilding with instrumentation to measure level.


With the motto, “The spirit to walk the extra mile,” we offer customized solutions that meet over a dozen international standards including approvals from ASME, CE, PED and DNV/GL.


Bliss carries an extensive product line that includes Magnetic Level Gauges, Armored Sight Glasses, Magneto strictive Transmitters, Radar Transmitters, combining engineering, design and monitoring with state-of-the-art precision technology.


Trust Bliss Europe to produce your field instruments with quality and care. We will walk the extra mile for you.


We can produce worldwide and have production facility’s all over the world. Together with our mother company BLISS ANAND you can find us also in Houston America, New Delhi India, Dubai UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Company overview

The standard features


MGL Bliss Europe


(plastic) magnetic level gauges

H&H Level, a leading provider in level measurement solutions, offers a unique range of Magnetic Level Gauges crafted from robust plastic materials and RVS. These specialized gauges are designed to accurately and reliably measure liquid levels in a wide range of applications. With their durability and low maintenance requirements, they are the ideal solution for challenging environments. The (plastic) Magnetic Level Gauges from H&H Level are capable of withstanding high temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive conditions. H&H Level’s (plastic) Magnetic Level Gauges are designed for permanent local indication without an external power supply, offering a trouble-free and environment-friendly solution. Additionally, they feature adjustable alarm switches for enhanced functionality and are certified to IP-66 for protection against dust and water ingress.


Plastic magnetic level gauge ready to be shipped A closeup of a magnetic level gauge of the brand Bliss EuropeMLG RVS special RVS Magnetic level gauge A close up of three magnetic level gauges in a shipment box A set of plastic MLG's engineered by H&H level


Torrix XTS for Bypass (Fafnir)


Torrix XTS for Bypass for Bliss Europe from Brand Fafnir