H&H Level are proud to have a partnership with the Swiss company Reed Electronics. This company is manufacturer of high-quality level measurement technology, especially measuring fluid levels. As the company name may already suggest, the signaling of their sensors is based on reed contacts operated by a magnetic field.

Reed Electronics products

Reed Electronics plus-points

  • Swiss quality products
  • Switches with an extremely long service life
  • Maintenance-free sensors
  • Easy and quick installation of the products
  • Reproducability of the sensors allowing for system continuity
  • Option of customized small-scale series production, starting from one item.

Reed Electronics sensors

Float Switches

Float Switches from Reed Electronics are reliably monitoring one or more levels in a container. The contacts can operate a pump directly or via external control. They are applied for overrun protection, dry-run protection or the constant filling/emptying of a container. Available types of float switches:

  • Mini Float Switch
  • Float Switch
  • Flexible Float Switch
  • Suspended Float Switch

Continuous Measurement Systems

Continuous Measurement Systems determine the exact fill level of a container. Available are:

  • Level Transmitter
  • Mini Level Transmitter

Proximity Switches

These switches are activated by an activator if it comes near the switch, or if the switch itself is moving close enough towards the activator.

  • Magnetic Proximity Switch

Limit Level Switches

Limit Level Switches have a calibration function for level monitoring.

  • Capacitive Limit Level Switches (monitoring liquid levels in containers and pipes, suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries)
  • Conductive Limit Level Sensors (monitoring liquid levels in containers, suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries)

Rod electrodes

In conductive measurement systems, rod electrodes from Reed Electronics deliver conductive fill level monitoring. Especially designed for highly conductive liquids.

Mini-float switches

The mini float switches are cost-effective limit level for protecting against overfilling. Mini-float switches are manufactured by Reed Electronics as small as possible and are available with different connection threads and in various materials.

Special sensors for explosive atmospheres

For explosive atmospheres, Reed Electronics have developed special editions of their float switches and level transmitter:

  • ATEX Mini Float Switch RCS-EX-MINI
  • ATEX Float Switch – multiple switch points
  • Suspended Float Switch EX
  • Flexible Float Switch RCS-EX-FLEX
  • Level Transmitter ATEX

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More information

For more information about the products of Reed Electronics that we can deliver, please contact us at H&H Level at +31 (0)13 533 96 88 or e-mail us at info@hhlevel.com.