H&H Level is proud of a partnership with Fafnir GmbH. Fafnir is a specialist in the development of manufacturing sensors and systems for measuring and monitoring fill levels. Fafnir serves customers in a wide range of industries, ranging from the oil industry, the chemical industry to the pharmaceutical industry. Fafnir’s commitment to their customers is to provide full attention to individual level measurement problems, regardless of size.

Company overview

Overfill prevention


No risks during delivery for fuel.

  • Prevents overfill for storage tanks
  • Prevents overfill for bunkers
  • Prevents overfill for tank trucks
  • Detects incorrect connection during filling

Download the datasheet or read more information about overfill prevention and its components.

Torrix 5.5 (new)

THE MOST VARIABLE sensor for special applications.

  • For all Fuel applications
  • Complete installations
  • Easy to use & to Install
  • High accuracy up to ± 0,3mm
  • High precision magnetostrictive measuring principle

Magnetostrictive Sensor​
TORRIX Standard​

Storage tanks and containers
Interface measurements with emulsions
Pharmacy & Laboratory
Oil & Gas applications

Download the datasheet or read more information about the magnetostrictive level sensor "Torrix"..

Click the image to view the Torrix 5.5 (new) manual

Click the image to view the Torrix XTS manual

Torrix XTS


Including an integrated LCD display for on-spot data interpretation. This device is capable of continuously measuring the product level, interphase, density and temperature. Volume calculation is also a possibility.

  • Maintenance free
  • ATEX and IECEx certified
  • No recalibration needed
  • Combined interface: 4 ... 20 mA / HART ® and RS-485 with Modbus or Fafnir protocol
  • Flexible version for Tall tanks available

How does it work?

Below you'll find some diagrams of how the magnetostrictive sensor operates. Click on the image for more details or to download the Torrix technical documentation.

Torrix Magnetic Level Indicator (By-Pass)

The solution for tanks with MLG indicators.

The Torrix (in a special version) mounted on the outside of the MLG to regenerate a solid signal from 4- 20 mA.

  • Maximum length from 200 – 6000mm
  • Temperature op to 450° C
  • Atex & IECEx
  • SIL 2

Almost every Magnetic Level Gauge can be equipped with a TORRIX.

Torrix M12 Flex

Very long flexible sensor with a variety of output OPTIONS

    • Special packaging for robust and safe delivery
    • M12 coupling with possibility reduction to BSP 11/2 “ or 2” BSP.
    • Flanges and all standard fittings available
    • Pressure up to 2 bar standard
    • Temperature up to 85°C
    • 4 - 20 mA / HART, 4 – 20mA, and RS-485 interface
    • Certificates in Atex & IECEx, Zone 0.

Installation Guide

Download the datasheet or read more about installing the VISY-Stick Flex.

VISY - Stick LPG. (Liquid Petroleum Gas)


SPECIAL FOR LPG installations

Magnetostrictive sensor special for all LPG installations

  • BUNA floater
  • Measuring Level and Temperature
  • Possible to exchange sensor without draining the tank first
  • Easy Install
  • Maintenance free



VISY X - Automatic tank level measurement

Product overview

Download product overview





UM-X Standalone Display

  • For all sensors with 4-20mA output
  • 5 relays each with potential free change over contact load
  • IP 64
  • Continues level sight
  • ATEX
  • Field Housing
  • Perfect combination with TORRIX

Click the image below to download the product manual or click here.

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