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H&H Level is specialized in level measurement for both liquid and gas processing applications. We are a Dutch company with extensive experience in this field, both onshore and offshore, having served clients from the North Sea to Oman.

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H&H Level is an experienced Dutch company specializing in liquid and gas processing for onshore and offshore applications. We prioritize the delivery of safe and reliable solutions for high-pressure level measurement requirements. Our extensive range of products includes 2- or 3-way solenoids, transmitters, heated hoses, and tracing, all designed to ensure the uninterrupted and error-free production process. By choosing H&H Level, you can be assured of reliable and high-quality products that will enable you to maintain a safe and continuous production process.
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Level monitoring with hydrostatic rod sensors

Level monitoring with hydrostatic rod sensors

There are different methods for measuring and monitoring levels of liquids. Hydrostatic fill level measurement is superior to all other measurement methods in terms of Reliability and long-term stability Simple assembly technology and commissioning Efficiency...

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BD|SENSORS – Probe for Marine and Offshore

BD|SENSORS – Probe for Marine and Offshore

Today we are adding a new system for measuring the complete tank capacity in various tank applications for shipbuilding and offshore. This system includes programming, tank curve and specific weight settings. The height of the tank can vary from 0.40cm to 20m. The...

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