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H&H Level is specialized in level measurement for both liquid and gas processing applications. We are a Dutch company with extensive experience in this field, both onshore and offshore, having served clients from the North Sea to Oman.

New at H&H Level, The Capacitive Level switch

We are thrilled to announce that we are adding the all new Jumo Zelos C01 LS to our assortiment. Have a look at the video and product page what this capacitive level sensor has to offer!

Reed Electronics - Control component with level switch

New product launched, The Reed-Control component with level-switch

We are excited to share that the latest addition to our product lineup is here – the Reed-Control component with level switch (BPS-DUR1/8″-PMO/S-L44-BU25), now enhanced with the innovative water condensate level sensor, also suitable for other media. Download the datasheet now or contact us!

DMP 333P Gold plated

The all new DMP 333P for Hydrogen applications

Pressure Ports with Flush Welded Stainless Steel Diaphragm.

accuracy according to IEC 60770:
standard: 0.35% FSO
option: 0.25% FSO

From 0….60bar up to 0…..600bar

► IS-version
Ex ia = intrinsically safe for
gases and dusts (in preparation)
► gold-plated process connection for
hydrogen applications
► cooling element for media
temperatures up to 200 °C
► customer specific versions

H&H Level, Performing under Pressure

H&H Level is an experienced Dutch company specializing in liquid and gas processing for onshore and offshore applications. We prioritize the delivery of safe and reliable solutions for high-pressure level measurement requirements. Our extensive range of products includes 2- or 3-way solenoids, transmitters, heated hoses, and tracing, all designed to ensure the uninterrupted and error-free production process. By choosing H&H Level, you can be assured of reliable and high-quality products that will enable you to maintain a safe and continuous production process.
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Reliable and Compact Level Monitoring

Reliable and Compact Level Monitoring

JUMO ZELOS C01 LS The capacitive level switch identifies the level of liquids and solids. It can also be used in pressurized tanks or pipes. Typically, the level switch is used in industrial environments for applications with requirements for overflow and dry-run...

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Level monitoring with hydrostatic rod sensors

Level monitoring with hydrostatic rod sensors

There are different methods for measuring and monitoring levels of liquids. Hydrostatic fill level measurement is superior to all other measurement methods in terms of Reliability and long-term stability Simple assembly technology and commissioning Efficiency...

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