Fafnir collaboration

Logo of FafnirH&H Level is pleased to inform you with our new partnership with Fafnir GmbH. We are adding a wide variety of new products from Fafnir such as the magnetostrictive level sensor, overfill-protection sensors and the brand new Torrix XTS with integrated LCD display for on-spot data interpretation. With Fafnir onboard we are adding even more value to our level sensors! Read all about it in our newsletter!

Fafnir product line

Fafnir is known for its precise quality sensors to measure and monitor fill levels in almost any kind of tank and environment. We are proud to introduce you to a lot of new products we can offer you from today.

Magnetostrictive level sensors

The magnetostrictive level sensor, also known as the Torrix, is Fafnir’s most versatile level sensor. It is easy to install and reliable throughout its lifetime. With its high-precision magnetostrictive measuring principle, it archives an accuracy of up to ± 0.3 mm.

The Torrix uses two floats which measure both the filling and the interface accurately, even when an emulsion layer is present at the interface or when there is only a small difference of the dielectric constant value.

The sensor can be used in a broad range of environments, such as:

  • Storage tanks and containers
  • Interface measurements with emulsions
  • Pharmacy & Laboratory
  • Oil & Gas applications

With the VISY-Stick Flex you’re even able to measure hard to reach spots because of the sensors flexible cable. With the VISY series you are able to monitor above ground fuel storage tall tanks with heights of up to 22 meter with ease. In combination with the LPG version of the VISY customers are able to even measure the fill levels of LPG tanks!

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Fafnir Process Automation - Brochure
Overfill prevention

Because we can’t get enough of Fafnir’s product line, we are adding the overfill prevention sensors to our range. Fafnir produces both ATEX approved thermal limit and level switches as non-ATEX variants. These sensors can be used to prevent overfill for all tanks on a petrol station, underground and above ground. As well as storage tanks and bunker tanks.

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Standalone Display
UM-X Display of Fafnir

The UMX-X Standalone displays allows you to continuously monitor the fill levels. It’s compatible with almost all sensors with an output of 4-20mA. This control unit is a perfect fit for the Torrix sensors. Users are able to configure it to their needs and, in combination with its compact design and ability to connect directly to 230V, makes it easy to handle and install it even outside a control cabinet.