Level Notification System

H&H Level is proud to introduce you to the all new Level Notification system engineered in-house. The Level Notification System is a solar powered small device which makes it easy to measure level in tanks and convert this information into usable data. The system is fully powerless and can operate in any kind of environment such as in grassland, on mountains and other sorts of remote areas without an active power connection.

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Solar powered

The Level Notification system uses a smart solar system which powers the system during daytime. Without solar energy the internal battery can last more than 6 months with a single charge. There will never be a lack of energy. Besides the sustainability aspect of this device there is also a flexibility aspect of the Level Notification System. Because the system doesn’t rely on conventional power it can be applied in almost any environment, also in remote areas without power!

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The Level Notification system uses an intelligent GPS system which enables users to locate each and every measuring point around the globe. Each measuring point is plotted on a map in the app so that it is easy to find.

Signals – 4-20 mA

Signals can be used to accurately convert information about tanks into usable data. A wide variety of pressure sensors ensures that H&H Level can measure all your liquids ranging from Diesel and water to all sorts of chemicals. Whether it is high or low temperatures, salt water applications, tough liquids or aggressive media, H&H Level can take care of it all for you in all different types of tanks.

Central management

Together with a central portal, users are able to monitor all measurements quickly and easily. Information is displayed in a user friendly dashboard where users are able to find all the details regarding the measurements. But it doesn’t stop there! H&H Level portal allows you to easily combine data with third party devices and systems. It even provides you with custom on demand notifications when levels change.

Features of Xeelas

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