Level measurement: a strong team for monitoring limits and pump control

BD|SENSORS - pump control for level measurement

A functional circular flow of waste water and drinking water can be ensured only by means of systems that are perfectly fine-tuned with each other. In practice, operators often struggle with outdated systems that cannot be completely renewed due to a lack of funds.

The only option that remains is to replace individual components. BD|SENSORS with its LMK 382 level probe together with the CIT 400 display unit is offering a compact and reliable system for monitoring thresholds in waste water as well as ground water.

With the LMK 382, users have a model in a stainless steel casing with a ceramic measuring cell (sensor) that can handle high overload. The probe can be used for measuring low levels as well as for filling heights of up to 200 mH2O. The CIT 400 display unit has a 4-digit, fully scalable LED display and several switching outputs, as well as an analogue output and versatile configuration options for testing the system’s functions. An added plus is the galvanic isolation of the circuits to compensate for potential differences and to meet EX requirements.

originally posted by BD|Sensors: https://www.bdsensors.de/en/company/news/detail/fuellstandsmessung-ein-starkes-team-zur-grenzwertueberwachung-und-pumpensteuerung