M3 Technical Support logoM3 Technical Support (Measurement Mounting & Maintenance service) is a new installation and support service available from H&H Level, the level measurement specialist. We have been providing top quality level measurement products for many years and can now offer our customers extra service packages. For trouble-free on-site installation in high-pressure and high-temperature environments anywhere in the world. By experienced and certified welders, installers and project managers.

M3 | Measurement

M3 Technical Support: Measurement | Mounting | Maintenance

Save your company time and money by inviting our specialist on-site to measure everything that is needed to ensure you get our products with the right specifications. This guarantees faster installation.

M3 | Mounting

M3 Technical Support: Measurement | Mounting | Maintenance

Our mounting and welding specialists have all the right product knowledge and welding experience to fit our level measurement equipment as quickly as possible. Succes guaranteed.

M3 | Maintenance

M3 Technical Support: Measurement | Mounting | Maintenance

Our technical support service does not end at installation. We can also assist in maintenance of the level measurement equipment. Anywhere in the world. For long-term results and benefits.

Specialist installation service

When investing in top quality level measurement products such as magnetic float level transmitters, magnetic float switches or bypass level indicators, you need to ensure they are properly installed and maintained. H&H Level now has experienced teams available who have experience in the installation of this valuable equipment, such as qualified and certified welders. We provide this service in close cooperation with our trusted partner Fluidor RVSA Services. If you prefer to work with your own local team, we can also provide an internationally experienced team of project managers to get the maximum results on-site in as little time as possible. To get your installation up and running as quickly as possible!

Aim for error-free installation

Preparation is everything. That is why with the M3 Technical Support Service we can provide qualified technicians that visit your site before purchasing our level measurement products. Our staff can measure the vessels, piping and or other installation elements that the level measurement equipement needs to be connected to. This enables you to purchase exactly the right product version from us and speed up the installation process on arrival of the product. By preparing well, there is maximum guarantee for a problem-free installation and a smooth running of your system.

M3 Technical Support

Technical Support pricing

When purchasing our products, please do not hesitate to indicate how we can technically assist you in your project. We will make a detailed quote, to ensure you know what you can expect for what period of time and at what price. We expect that our technical support specialists with their knowledge, quality and speed will be a very interesting option. For more details or a quote:

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M3 Technical Support service benefits

Technical Support services by H&H Level offers you:

  • Qualified and certified welders that
    ensure maximum guaranteed quality welding
  • Experienced installers who can speed
    up the installation process
  • Project managers who can work with and
    manage your local installation team
  • High level technicians who know our
    products inside out and can train your staff

M3 Support Partnership

M3 Technical Support is a partnership between:

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