H&H Level| Performing under pressure.

H&H Level is a Dutch company with major experience in the field of liquid and gas processing for ‘onshore and offshore’ applications. Our main concern is to provide you with safe and reliable solutions whenever high pressure level measurement is involved, whether you need 2- or 3-way solenoids, transmitters, heated hoses or tracing. With the help of H&H Level you will have absolute guarantee of a continuing and fault free production process.

Our customers can be found in a vast range of industrial branches worldwide, like chemical and pharmaceutical plants, beverage and food industry, oil and gas companies, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, but also in environmental engineering and water management. We deliver level sensors,(horizontal) float switches, level gauges, magnetic level gaugesand displays, among many other products.

Our added value

Number 1 in level measurement
It is our goal to become and stay the number one in level measurement for industrial fluids en liquid gas installations. We love the challenge of extreme conditions and circumstances and deliver the best solutions anytime, anywhere.
Certifcation is our guarantee
Our quality of work is promised through excellent certification levels. Our team of specialists have obtained the best certification around that are needed for our international projects. 
Fluent cooperation
In matters of critical processes, every detail counts. And that is where we come in. H&H Measurement will guide you with reliable and creative engineering and solid thorough documentation.

Management Team

H&H Level management team André-Pierre Hoefs and John Huijsman
André-Pierre Hoefs and John Huijsman